ETHIOPIA Dikitu Lot 1, Natural, extremely light roast, 250g

Fresh roasted coffee

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Weight: 250g
Grind size: whole beans
Roast profile: filter


Origin: Ethiopia
Farm/Producer: Dikitu
Region: Dikitu
Altitude: 1900-2300 m
Variety: Heirloom
Processing: natural
Crop: 2021
Cupping notes: raspberries, apricots, jasmine, black tea, lemon, vanilla.

This magnificent natural processed lot, from the Hambela district in West Guji, is produced by a group of 150 local farmers that live in the village of Gute Sodu Kebele. The drying station is located in the Dikitu neighbourhood and that is where its name comes from.

The farmers are managed by Mr. Abiyot, the owner of "Buno Coffee Trader". Since 2018, he has been setting up and acquiring processing stations in the area. Amongst those, he purchased the Dikitu site and decided to use it for processing solely natural coffees, for which he built 120 raised beds.

The producers are growing their coffee plants along the luxurious forest on the hills on the outskirts of the village, under the shade of local trees such as Cordia Africana, Acacia and Albizzia. Mr. Abiyot has been heavily involved on the site for the last two years following the site construction, the selection of the partner farmers, the process of cherry purchases and drying practices. In order to achieve the best possible results in terms of quality and to facilitate improvements, Buno hired a quality and export manager called Bashura that oversees the cherry selection process, drying and daily storage. Bashura has been setting up a field team, that has been providing training in basic agronmic practices and creating bonds with the producers.

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