Rwanda Gitega Hills #431 Natural, 250g

Fresh roasted coffee
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Weight: 250g
Grind size: whole beans
Roast profile: espresso

Origin: Rwanda
Farm/Producer: Gitega Hills #431
Region: Gitega, Cyanika
Altitude: 1740m
Variety: Red Bourbon
Processing: Natural
Crop: 2023
SKA score: 86,25
Cupping notes: cranberries, currants, vanilla, cocoa.

The Gitega Hills processing station, located 12 km from Bwenda, operates at an altitude of 1740 meters near the town of Miko. Founded in 2016 by RTC, the station has 150 employees, most of whom are local women, and receives cherries from 1,040 farmers. With a focus, they expanded the drying space with 60 more raised beds and upgraded the water treatment in collaboration with the support of Technoserve. Investments also include switching from wooden posts to concrete for the durability of the raised beds. With a strong connection in the community, the station supports medical projects and promotes the gradual use of organic fertilizers by applying to the cow area for farmers. These initiatives have brought positive results and expanded farmers' participation in the ATP program with RTC.

100% Arabica specialty coffee grown in a specific geographical zone, carefully harvested, processed, selected and freshly roasted in small batches according to it's origin and processing characteristics.

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