EL SALVADOR La Montanita, Natural, 250g

Fresh roasted coffee

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Weight: 250g
Grind size: whole beans
Roast profile: espresso

Origin: El Salvador
Farm/Producer: Cooperativa San Carlos
Region: San Carlos, Morazán
Altitude: 1100-1665 m
Variety: Pacamara
Processing: natural/macerated
Crop: 2021
Cupping notes: melon, maple syrup, citrus, sweet

Cooperativa San Carlos first started in 1980 made possible by agrarian reforms that were implemented by the El Salvador Government which redistributed land to small farmers. The 672 Ha farm is located from 1100 to 1665 m on the Cacahuatique Mountain and has 126 Associate members with their families all living on the land together working on the farm as a group.

The cherry is floated on arrival at the mill to be washed and cleaned to remove any floaters. From here, it is then transferred to barrels where it is sealed for 90 hours. After this, the coffee is then skin dried on the patio for two days and is spread thinly to reduce the moisture from 60% to around 25%. Then it can be piled thicker and raked hourly to dry for another 13 - 15 days until 11% moisture is reached.

From here, the coffee is then left to rest in the warehouse at 1400m by the patios and when it is ready to be shipped, the coffee is taken down to their own small mill at the bottom of the farm where they process the coffees and prepare them for shipment.
The predominant aromatic notes are those of melon and citrus, covered with sweet and corporal shades of maple syrup.

Coffee presentation sheet [pdf]

100% Arabica specialty coffee grown in a specific geographical zone, carefully harvested, processed, selected and freshly roasted in small batches according to it's origin and processing characteristics.

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